LDS Leak Detection System
Highlights and Merits of the Pipeline Leakage and Shock Detection System

When there is a leak, every second counts. The proposed detection system is the most advanced and fully proven leakage and/or shock detection system.

  • It can be installed on existing or new, above ground and underground pipelines, as long as they are made of steel pipes.
  • It can detect leakages on any liquid or gas pipelines, of what ever media.
  • In installing approx every 15 km one sensor on a pipeline (depending on the operating media pressure in the pipeline), the leakage can be detected with a precision in the area of approx 100 m along the pipeline, holes/cracks of minimum 5 mm openings and all in real-time surveyance from one -or for operator conveniences several- control rooms.
  • A reference pipeline detection system of 450 km, carrying ethylene in France, is now for two years in successful operation in the TotalFinaElf Group -at Atochem -.

This unique Pipeline Leakage and/or Shock Detection System is based on:
  • accoustic detection by specific sensors installed on the pipeline
  • leakage and/or shock location detection by GPS system by time difference
  • a specifically developed computer system analysing the noise as well as the time and thereby indicating the location and the size of the leakage and/or shock and its hole/crack.

The main advantages and merits of this acoustic detection system are summarized hereunder :
  • Impact leakage and/or shock detection and localization
  • Direct detection
  • Possible operation with different fluids (any gas, any liquid)
  • Long range detection and localization capabilities (up to 50 Km between two sensors in some cases)
  • Excellent accuracy for leakage localization
  • Very quick, real time detection
  • Detection of small diameter leakages (minimum 5 mm)
  • Easy installation of the leakage detection system
  • Use of anti explosion certified sensors
  • Low maintenance.

The applications and uses of this detection system are multiple :
  • Economic: Clean up, Material losses, Theft, Public Relation, Insurance Cover Requirements
  • Operational Safety: for the personnel and for installations
  • Environmental Protection
  • Catastrophe Prevention.

The above summarises the content of the herebelow Technical Presentation in which the detection system, the detection equipment as well as the worldwide references are outlined.

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