Proco's innovative capabilities enable Owners to realize the most advantageous and economical methods of satisfying all of their project and investment requirements.

Professional engineering staff is comprised of highly experienced dedicated people.

It has the longstanding experience to carry out projects in the required safe, efficient, economic and environmentally responsible manner.

  • Design and Construction of Chemical and Hydrocarbon Plants, Tank Farms (Ammonia, LPG, Butane, Propane, Ethylene and other liquefied gases), Terminals, including storage tanks, reliquefaction, refrigeration systems, product loading and unloading systems, sendout heating and vaporization systems, product pumping and handling systems, hazard and security systems, site work, buildings and start-up and commissioning of all those
  • Expertise to handle all aspects of Process Design and Engineering for gas treatment, liquefaction, storage, pumpout and vaporization. These expertises and experiences include all of the commercialized gases, including LNG, LPG, ammonia, propylene, ethylene and liquefied air.
  • Boiloff and Flash Vapor handling systems
  • Regasification Process Systems
  • LDS Leakage and Shock / Impact Detection System
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  • Fire/Hazard Detection and Protection
  • Process Safety Management
  • HAZOP Facilitation
  • Design and Supply of power plants, operating connected to the grid and operating on "island mode" with energy recuperation such as steam generation, sea water desalination, potable water production
  • Design and Supply of Off-Sites, Utilities such as natural gas compressor stations, air compressor stations, electrical power sub-station, sewage collection and treatment systems
  • Design, Equipment Supply, Shipping and Field Construction Management combined with specialized knowledge in thermodynamics and in the physical properties of pure gases, fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical engineering and simply construction "know-how".
  • Process Controls and HAZOP Reviews
  • Supervisory Automation Systems
  • Procurement : purchasing is performed on a project-by-project basis. The purchasing group works closely with the Project Manager and specialty engineers to assure timely purchase and delivery of the materials and equipment components required to complete each project. Virtually all PROCO home office purchasing is performed on a competitive bidding basis.
  • Expediting : with the responsibility of tracking the status of the orders to ensure their timely delivery. Expediting consists in follow up with Vendors to assure the required delivery dates are maintained, or improved if necessary.
  • Inspection : The in-house staff is supplemented by contract inspectors; a method which is most cost-effective for foreign vendors. Contract inspectors are appointed and controlled on a project-by-project basis. These contract inspectors monitor fabrication and issue regular reports to project management.